Cameron Brown
Head Trainer/Co-Owner/Founder

Personal Trainer – NSCA

Nutrition Counseling

Cameron Brown is our founder, co-owner and head personal trainer. When Cameron was 13 years old he decided he wanted to begin exercising and learning nutrition. It changed his life and by the time he ended 8th grade he had decided to one day become a personal trainer and open his own gym here in Layton. He obtained his first accredited personal training certification at the age of 18. He studied human performance management and nutrition at Weber state and opened his first gym at the age of 23. This gym focused solely on personal training, and after over 10 years of personal training and over 3,000 clients trained, his business had grown and he was ready to expand. In June of 2017 Evolution Fitness and Personal Training opened its new facility here in Layton. Cameron has a passion for learning and continuing to adapt and improve our personal training program. He has always believed that lifestyle change is better accomplished by being helped by a friend than being yelled at by a bully. He is excited to help you achieve the benefits that have changed his life.

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