Personal Training


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Cameron Brown, our founder and owner, is famously quoted as saying: “…There’s lots of different ways to skin a cat,” (yes, he will pause for laughter); but as his past clients will attest that, despite his humility, he really seems to have found the best formula for personal training at our Layton gym. Cameron has developed a fitness coaching system that custom tailors nutrition coaching, meal plans, resistance training, and expectation and goal management to each client; and well, it works, he has a proven track record with thousands of people–from Utah, Oregon, Texas, and even as far away as Kentucky.

All of our trainers are hand-picked by Cameron and coached (most are past clients themselves) so that they too can use his strategies and provide positive results for our clients. Let us know if you have any questions and we’re happy to go over pricing with you as well– there are HUGE discounts available.

Our Personal Trainers